Sonia Dua - (MBA) Stephen University - " Some places have no remarks to make. You enter Career Makers and the aura itself will lead you to your destination. I would like to say it's a place full of knowledge & right guidance in right direction. The head staffs Col.Vinod Myne & Reena Mam are the blessings in disguise to people seeking career abroad. But the major support comes from Monika whose lovely talks & inspiration assists you step by step."
Mohit Jain - (MBA) CSU at San Bernardino- "It is difficult to put in words the keep & guidance received in the whole process from Career Makers. I remember when I first came to CM my hopes were low but through their consistent efforts I had 2 admissions but the main thing was Visa which was also granted without much difficulty. The efforts put in by every one in Career Makers is recommendable, special thanks to Monika & Deepak for their motivation & tea/coffee to keep the energy high. Thanks a lot"
Arpit D Pandey - (Under grad) Brigham Young University- "Career Makers is a great "one stop shop" for all your international needs from admission to Visa preparation. Thank You Career Makers."
Vanita Kashyap - (CPL) Flight Safety Academy - "Career Makers made be confident from inside & prepared me to face the toughest Visa Counselor with success. Thanks to them"
S. L. Saluja - (Visitor Visa) "I would like to thank Career Makers for its excellent Visa Counseling and best guidance which made my way much easier to get the Visa. Career Makers 's application of effort & innovative sprit is a very strong asset which makes Career Makers unique compared to other institutions. I would definitely recommend others to join this institute for their successful career."

Sachin Jain - (MS, Comp Sc.) NJIT- "My journey at Career Makers started as a student & has ended as an integral part of Career Makers. In either case, it has been an enriching experience & has helped me to grow personally & professionally. As a student the best thing that happened to me was the augmentation of my GRE scores appreciably. As a staff member I always got support from Colonel Sir, Reena Mam, Monika Mam & Prithvi. To begin with I was apprehensive in moving abroad for further studies. But convincing counseling from Monika Mam coupled with great advice from Col. Sir & Reena Mam completely scrapped out the fear & instilled in me new confidence. I think Career Makers is a tremendous medium through which foreseen dreams can be transformed into reality."


Saurabh Nandwani - (MBA) Pace, New York- "Mine is a long case. I joined Career Makers 2years back when I thought I would go for MS in Computer Science. Since then my mind kept changing & destiny brought me to do an MBA from Pace. These 2 years have been very tough but Thanks to Career Makers. I was able to fight through & finally going to US. Their guidance was all that I needed to get through. They not only helped me to go to US but also backed my decision to do an MBA & not MS. Thanks a lot."


Digvijay S. Bisht - (Ms- Environmental Engg.) - The George Washington University- "Career Makers is a great institute for preparation of oneself for studying abroad. It has provided me with excellent facilities in all aspects of my preparation be it TOEFL test, applying to universities, sending my material etc. The only thing, which could have hampered my progress, was my GRE score, which I didn't prepare for, with Career Makers. However, the rest of the preparation was so nicely done, that it over-shadowed my GRE score.
The faculty, the staff, and the director were immensely helpful and supportive from day one. Well I have received the best from Career Makers & hope that the future students keep up the good results too."

Amit Kumar - (MS-Rehab Sc & Technology) University of Pittsburgh- "Career Makers is like a guiding force for me. At the time of joining Career Makers I was nervous & worried but gradually with the help of faculty members, my confidence increased. Here the faculty members are very much caring & friendly. I never felt hesitation while asking any query. They were very professional in preparation of Visa Interview. They made my papers in very systematic way. All the best to prospective students. Thanks Career Makers."

Naina Luthra - With70% Financial Aid (MBA) UMASS Boston- "Well! Career Makers have been a big support for me. Monika Mam, Reena Mam & Vinod Sir have really helped me to gain the best shots throughout my journey from application filling to visa counseling. Truly speaking they have made this journey a cakewalk for me. I truly appreciate their co-workers & assistance given to me. Career Makers Rocks!"


Geetanjali Sharma - (MBA) University of Bridgeport - "Career Makers is very supportive for me. I joined here for GMAT coaching when I was facing much ups & downs in my life. At this time when I need support from my family, Career Makers supported me so much that I felt very comfortable. They prepare you so well that you start handling your problems very confidently. So, from my core of heart I would like to thank each & every person of Career Makers for giving me such a support like my family. Once again thanks a lot."


Anurag Dhankar - (Ms in Mech Engg) Wayne State University- "With such low scores my rejection list was very long but the SOPs, LORs, & advice given by Career Makers helped me a lot in getting an admission in Wayne State University. The visa counseling by Col Vinod gave the necessary boost to get the visa with ease. In short "Career Makers' is the only right step I have taken in my life & it has played back. I am a lot happy now with securing a seat in WSU & now I can fulfill all my dreams"

Rupesh Bhatia - (Ms in Mech Engg) University of Cincinnati With Financial Aid -"It was a smooth journey. I was very apprehensive about the admission process and the support that I'll get form the universities, but the documents that were made by Career Makers for me (LORs & SOPs etc) helped me to prove my good image before the universities. Career Makers also helped me getting the visa and the thorough list of documents provided was excellent. The counseling session I had with Colonel Vinod sir were really very good & cleared all the apprehensions I had regarding the faith & confidence in me which helped me to get that much tough visa."
Adit Joshi - Bach (ECE) Ohio State University with Scholarship- "The whole process took over a year of hard work, determination and will power on the part of all staff members. All their efforts from application to SAT & TOEFL preparation till visa preparation have culminated in me getting my admission in OSU. I'll be forever indebted and grateful for all what you have done."
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