Samita Goel - MBA in Technology Management at University of Bridgeport - “Faith in god and ourselves, with positive thinking. Certainly all your goals & dreams will be fulfilled.”
Vibhor Batra - CPL at Panam International Flight Academy - “Guys this is a best place for counseling. I was rejected US visa for first time, but I came here for second interview. What all I got is confidence and faith on myself. So in my second interview I rocked and got the Visa. Thanx to  Career Makers.”
Mandeep Singh Randhawa - MS Computer Sc. at New York Inst. of Technology  - “Hello friends I just want to say No need to get worry or tense. It is a dream come true for me. Just follow instructions by faculty members, they are really down to earth. There is absolutely no need to worry if your English speaking is not good. Only your confidence matters in interview. Moreover Monika mam is very friendly, Reena Mam is too very helpful. She never says ‘no’ to any student. In particular my case she was always there to help me. Each and every suggestion given by Colonel Vinod  sir is PRECIOUS to every student. One last word: - Career Makers is really ‘ULTIMATE’.”
Amit Chib - MBA at University of Bridgeport - “Career Makers is an ocean of knowledge and awareness, which has got warmth in its every drop of water. By drop of water I mean each & every staff member of this institute. I personally feel & realize that I have gained a lot and learned a lot. Faculty members are the real combination of knowledge and motivation. At the end I would only say that Career Makers simply ‘Rocks’.”   
Mandar Shastri  - MBA at University of Bridgeport - “Very good experience in Career Makers. They guided well at every step, gave good encouragement to me and boosted my confidence. I specially thanx to Col Vinod & Reena mam to help me. And also thanx to Monika mam for guided me properly.
One’s hard work and determination really pays off along with right guidance and Career Makers is the institute which will help you.”

Hardeep Singh – MS Mech at Wayne State University - “I wanna say that if any body want to study abroad then ‘Career Makers’ is the only place. My experience with them is excellent. All my faculty members are there for me in all thick & thin. Just believe in God & rest leave all the things on Career Makers.
A special thanks to sir Col Vinod. He is literally amazing, nothing else I can say about him. Lastly I just wanna say Thanx to all counselors of Career Makers.”


Daksh Bhandari - MS Computer Sc. at University of Bridgeport - “I really want to say that Career Makers really makes career throughout for your life. All the faculty members are helpful & coordinate with you on each & every point or on any matter. It became a second home for me. But you have to be optimistic and must believe in god. 

Lastly I want to say that “Career Makers” rocks.Thanx to each & every member from the core of my heart.”

Aashish Katara  - MBA at University of New Haven - “I was well prepared for the visa interview by the help of Colonel Vinod sir. My visa interview lasted for 3-4 minutes. I did not have to produce any document like CA statement or anything for that matter. Thankx so much to Career Makers.”

Charanjit Singh Sandhu - MBA in Marketing at University of Bridgeport - “I approached this institute as a very nervous and under confident individual. Colonel sir & entire crew helped me build up the most vital aspect of my personality i.e. my self-confidence. Over here you are made part of each and every procedure starting from university selection, admission processes, interview guidance etc. I was involved in the entire process, which then brought the best out of me as I had all the knowledge comprehensively. Thanx a lot ,you guys helped me to get success. This is “Dream Makers”.

Shubham Malhotra - MBA at University of New Haven - “Career Makers is one of the best institute I have ever attended. The staff is so humble and nice. Everyone here is so conscious about every student. Every member of the Career Makers makes a student feel like a family. Initially when I joined here through one of my friend’s advice, I was amazed to see Vinod sir’s so many degrees but later I realized that he deserves more then that. Really Career Makers is superb ‘Super Calli  fragilistic expi alli docious’ makes – career.I’ m recommending all my friends and cousins taht if they really want to give their career a head start –Career makers is the only option.”


Gajendra Singh – P.G.(Business Administration) – Sheridan Institute of Advance Learning, Canada – “Thanks to Career Makers.”


Abhishek –MBA at Johnson & Wales - I really don’t have words of praise and respect for Career Makers and the staff member specially Colonel Vinod sir. I was once rejected when I went on my own for a visa. But tons of thanks to the entire staff member for showing confidence in me, which helped me a lot during visa interview & I got the visa this time. I really thank to luck that I joined Career Makers team.
Career Makers is a place where students are polished in every sense like enhancing communication skills, building confidence and improving academic ability.

I would like to advice all the students not only who are seeking visa but also who truly want to enhance their personal skills, communication and academic skills to brighten their future to join Career Makers.I would like to give special thanks to Monika mam, Reena mam,Prithvi sir & Vinod sir.
Irtisha Singh - MS Computational Biotech - Carnegie Mellon University $1500 per annum fin.aid.
“Career Makers helped me in the entire admission and visa process. I was informed about all documents that were required in the entire process. Being an out of station student I was in constant touch with Career Makers to clarify my doubts regarding the process. I m very thankful to Career Makers for the guidance. I got all top 7-university admissions.”
Gaurav Khullar – Business & management, University of Texas at Arlington
“The feeling cannot be expressed in words, but perhaps Career Makers was the best decision of a lifetime. Career Makers helped me at each & every stage of the most important decision taken. They were brilliant in their tactics to help me succeed. The faculty is outstanding & covers the minuet details, which helps for a successful career ahead. If a person has to take my suggestion he won't regret, as he would be getting happiness from the word go.”
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