Prateek Kumar - MBA in Marketing at City University Seattle Washington - “Very helpful, amazingly good when it comes to helping students. True value place.

Dr. Rakesh Sharma - MBA in Health care Management at University of Findlay - “Staff at Career Makers loves to cooperate to their maximum extent. It is the temple of learning.”

Sujata Halder - Phd in Biomedical sciences with full financial aid at University of Florida Gainesville - “Wonderful Institute, a very cooperative staff. I am very grateful to this institute for making my dreams come true. A special thanks to Reena Ma'am, Colonel Vinod and Devender Sir.”

Arun Parihar - MS in Civil Engineering at University of Houston, Texas - “The entire career maker team was very cooperative during the entire course of my interaction with them. I feel that coming to CAREER MAKERS can definitely help one to crack GRE and TOEFL and get VISA.”

Puneet Kamboj - MS in Computer Science at South Dakota State University - “CAREER MAKERS was encouraging, like a light in the dark guiding upon you to the way of success.”

Raman Preet Singh Anand -MS in Telecom System Management at Northeastern University Boston - “Really very good and a very good interactive atmosphere as regarding to the staff. They have really helped me a lot and cleared each and every doubt I had in my mind. Thanks a lot to the team of Career Makers”

Vinod Gupta - MBA at University of Massachusetts Boston - “My sincere thanks to Colonel Vinod, Reena Ma'am, F.C. Sir, Sharma sir and Deepak too. Best place for education and Career Motivation.”

Bushra Zaman - PhD in Water Resource Management with FULL financial aid at Utah State University - “I owe my success entirely to Career Makers specially to Colonel Vinod and Reena Ma'am without whose guidance it would not have been possible. I would be thankful to Career Makers for my entire life.”

Gaurav Yadav - MBA at New Haven - “My sincere thanks to Career Makers for providing me the best training and guidance which helped me reach where I wanted to be. Thank you Career Makers”

Akhileshwar Singh - MBA at University of Findlay - “Career Makers is really the best institute. Colonel Vinod and Reena Ma'am helped me a lot in my bad times. I was just a simple student and US visa was a distant dream. This institute made life simple and helped me achieve my dream. Thanks to you all FC sir, Sharma Sir and Deepak. All the best.”

Shveta Shahi – MS in Computer Science at San Jose State University – “It’s a dream come true for me. Career Makers is the most happening place. Everything is so cool, pleasant and dedicated staff. I will really miss Career Makers.”

Sameer Bhadouria – MBA at University of Florida with $25000 Financial Aid per year – “I owe my success story to Career Makers. They are the best. Lowest Fee in the city and total value for money.”

Dr. Saumya Sehgal – MS in Health Care Management at University of North Carolina – “Career Makers is the best”

Asha Rani – MS in VLSI at George Mason University – “Experience in Career Makers was enlightening. Working environment was so congenial that words really cannot express it. Vinod Sir and staff helped me a lot for my VISA interview and I got success in it. I am thankful to Career Makers.”

Jatin Vij – MS in Computer Science at University of New Haven – “A good guidance”
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