Priyanka Sharma - BS Undergraduate at Stanford University with a full financial aid of $45,053 - My experience with Career Makers has been excellent. I had applied abroad last year as well but without any affiliation with Career Makers and did not get through any university. This year I got through 5 and 3 gave me financial aid. This says a lot. VISA counselling is particularly very helpful.”

Mayank Verma - MBA at University of Bridgeport - “Very Friendly and cooperative atmosphere. Very good faculty with friendly nature. Here at Career Makers, I learned to achieve my dreams with right guidance and help.”

Prashant Arora - MS in Computer Science at SUNY Buffalo - “I had a wonderful experience and there was a very friendly environment at Career Makers. Thanks for all the help and support.”

Dinesh Kumar- MS in Electrical Engineering at NJIT - “Before VISA I was very scared with the things but colonel Vinod helped me a lot. Here at Career Makers I learnt a lot. Thanks to everyone.”

Parul Nanda. – MS Architecture at University of Sydney - “Great experience and fun environment.”

Ravinder Kumar- MS in Computer Science at IIT Chicago - “Career Makers is a place where the students get all things like proper advice, counselling and coaching for your jackpot. It was a wonderful experience at Career Makers.”

Rashmi Ranjan Ghosh - MS in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering at IIT Chicago - “For me, VISA was the only problem. But I got good counselling for that and finally I got it. It’s a place where one gets a feel of being in US after sometime. So, I regularly come to Career Makers to maintain my tempo on higher studies.”

Akshat Kumar- PhD Biomedical Sciences at University of Massachusetts Medical School with a full financial Aid of $32400 - “I am really thankful to Colonel Vinod and Reena Ma'am. Their timely help and personal touch made me stand where I am standing today. Without you USA would have remained just a dream. Thanks a ton.”
Amit Tyagi - MS in Computer Science at Louisiana Tech University - “What more I can say. I referred so many students and they are all equally satisfied as me. I wish all the best to everybody here.”

Akhilesh Kaushik – I am very thankful to all faculty, specially Reena Ma’m”

Kunal Sharma – Thanks to all the teachers. All are very supportive. Thank you.”

Rahul Abbey – The quality of material according to IELTS is perfect.”

Pradeep Bansal – MS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Texas Christian University - “It was very helpful getting VISA counselling from Career Makers. It helped me prepare for the VISA interview. I really want to thank Colonel Vinod and team of Career Makers for helping me in getting the VISA.”

Deven Chopra - MS in Engineering Management at University of North Carolina - “Good People. Great Work. Great Job Satisfaction. Colonel Vinod’s expertise is excellent. Just the right place to give direction to your career.”

Bhaskar Sahrawat - MS in Computer System and Telecom at PACE university, New York - “It was such a pleasure, along with the benefits of being a part of Career Makers. It helped me find myself amongst the world and helped me build a small place in there. Thanks to every one of the staff members at Career Makers. I hope in future I am able to return the honors, although it can never be repaid. Thank you once again.”
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